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Professional Development on Remote Year

Travel is just half of what you get out of a work and travel program. Grow your skill set, network, and career through Remote Year’s professional network.

Many people join Remote Year for the travel aspect, but what they discover on program is that it actually helps their career in many ways too. Whether you are a full time employee, a freelancer, entrepreneur, or job hunting, Remote Year provides the tools you need to successfully grow both personally and professionally on top of having the adventure of a lifetime.

Here's how Remote Year can help you with your professional development.

Multiply your Network

The Remote Nation is made up of over 2100+ professionals from all different industries and backgrounds connected by a shared experience, mission and Slack. This means having an entire community to tap into for industry knowledge of any kind.

Build your skillset and share your expertise

The Remote Nation provides many ways for you to exchange skills and knowledge across various topics and industries both on programs and virtually through webinars and knowledge drops.

Ask anything. The Nation can help.

Many people join the Remote Year community and use our resources to find new opportunities from their next remote job to professional connections like new clients and partnerships. You can pop into any channel on Nation Slack before, during, or after your program to ask the nation about your career needs.

"The professional growth I’ve experienced while on Remote Year and working remotely would not have been possible at a typical 9-to-5 production job. I have significantly improved and widened my skill set from client management, pitching proposals and scoping contracts to research, copywriting and design."

Katherine Conaway, Remote Year Battuta

Dive deeper into the ways our Remotes connect and develop professionally.

Knowledge Drops

Every other week, the RY community holds Knowledge Drops, a webinar hosted by one member of the Nation on their area of expertise. Great way to learn skills across industries and to market your own skills should you give a Knowledge Drop of your own!

You can see all of our past Knowledge Drops here.

Nation Slack Channels

Remote Nation slack is constantly active and filled with opportunities to connect with others in the nation. Here are just a few of the channels that we have that are specific to professional development.

  • #jobboard: The Nation Slack job board is incredibly active and is a space where Remotes either share job postings or look for full-time work. If you're looking for a job change or are looking for someone to fill a position, join this channel and you'll be sure to find some great opportunities and prospects.
  • #freelancers: Are you a freelancer looking for work? Tell people what you can help with or look out for freelance postings by Remotes asking for themselves, their companies or friends.
  • Geography (#geo channels): Whatever city you settle down, drop into or plan on visiting, chances are there are members of our nation already there and ready to help you navigate your way! Join these channels to make new connections or even tell people about what you're working on.
  • Professional (#pro channels): Nation slack has a specific channel created for almost every profession. #pro-architect #pro-entrepreneur #pro-design #pro-coaches. You name it, we have it (and if we don't, you have the power to create it!). These channels are great for bringing together other people in your industry or popping into for professional help where you may need it.

Virtual Tracks via SkillShare

Remote Year has partnered up with SkillShare to even better support our participants' professional learning & development. As a result, we've curated 6 Tracks consisting of 8 classes each based around a theme that we know the RY Nation is interested in learning more about. When you join a program, you can sign up and get 3 months free and choose a course on Entrepreneurship, Design, Illustration, Marketing, or Writing.

Remote Led Initiatives

Remote Year is all about experiencing the world while growing in small and big ways, so in addition to opportunities we facilitate, we also encourage and support any Remotes who have an idea they want to charge forward within their group. No matter what your passion is, Remote Year staff is always around to help regarding finding the perfect venue to helping spread the word around the city.

Here are some examples of a few:

Mastermind Tribe by Remote Year Sonder

A Sonder Remote started and ran a mastermind program for several months with bi-weekly sessions, and having a group of around ~10 Remotes 'graduate' from the personal development curriculum she has created. Remotes have all learned a lot in the process, and there were specific deliverables that they needed to accomplish for each session and which held everyone accountable for their personal growth

Wisdom Wednesday by Remote Year Ikigai

One Remote, Melissa, has hosted a weekly Wisdom Wednesday series at which 1-2 other Remotes would host a workshop or give a Ted-talk style talk. The topics would change from week to week, and span across personal and professional development, and contributed to a lot of knowledge and skill sharing as well as storytelling within the community. 

Professional Badassery by Remote Year Earhart

Remotes have taken turns in leading workshops and talks around different professional development topics, including How to Write a Resume, How to Leave an Impression when Interviewing, How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile, etc. 

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