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Remote Year Travel

Planning is time and time is money... so we do all of it for you.

Organizing travel logistics can take up a lot of time. Time that you could spend scootering through the countryside of Vietnam or taste testing everything in the markets of Valencia. While your RY experience includes travel from the first location on your itinerary to the last as a group, you’ll have the opportunity to experience so much more with optional side trips and flexible travel day options. Please note, Remote Year fees do not cover the flight to your first itinerary destination or home from your final stop on program.

Here's what you need to know:

Leave the stress to us.

We’re a team of travel professionals, we’ll get you where you need to go and handle all the stressful logistics so you can focus on getting that project in before deadline or exploring your new home for the month.

Pre-Planned Side Trips.

So much to see in only one month! Our local teams have planned out some pretty epic side trips based on what past Remotes have requested most. Learn to dive in Koh Tao, sip on some Chilean wine after hiking in Patagonia or get a selfie with the big 5 on safari in South Africa.

Travel the way you want.

Flexible travel options mean you can upgrade your seat, take a different airline, extend your layover and so much more. Don’t let your itinerary limit you - the world is your oyster, as they say!

“In my opinion, here’s why it’s a no brainer to use [the Remote Year Travel Team]... they save a ton of time and expertly clarify the baggage situation. It was super time consuming to figure all of that out on my own.”

Nathan Kroop, Veritas

More about Remote Year Travel

Transition Days

Transition from your current RY city to the next city on your itinerary is included in the overall cost of the program. All RY participants around the world transition to the next location on their itinerary on the same day. This means you’ll be picked up from you apartment and dropped off at the airport, where your entire #tramily (that’s travel family) will fly to the next location on your itinerary. Once you arrive, you’ll be picked up from the airport and dropped at your new apartment for the month. Unfortunately, direct flights don’t always exist so expect to have some fun filled layovers. Please note, Remote Year fees do not cover the flight to your first itinerary destination or home from your final stop on program.

Feel like switching it up?

If you like to fly business class or prefer to fly specific airlines, our Travel Team has got you covered. You’ll have the ability to opt out of the pre-booked group travel and receive a credit that the team will help you apply to a new flight path or upgraded seat. You’ll also be able to apply credits towards trips home and back to rejoin your group if you choose to travel elsewhere during your RY adventure.

Collect More Passport Stamps.

You’ll have the opportunity to opt-in to exclusive RY transition trips. Instead of hopping directly from RY City #1 directly to RY City #2, you’ll be able to transition through a non-RY city for a long weekend. In the past, Remotes have been able to stop in Sydney, Dubai, Istanbul and more. Availability varies but the travel team will let you know what’s available about 3 months ahead of time.

Keep your job. See the world.
Leave the planning to us.

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