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Remote Year Spanish Curriculum

Interested in learning the language when you're in Latin America? No need to search for your own Spanish lessons — Remote Year has you covered.

Learning Spanish is a common goal we hear from participants on Remote Year. We’ve put together Spanish Curriculum to make it easier to learn alongside your community as you pass from one Latin American city to the next. 

The Remote Year Spanish Curriculum is a group of lessons designed to build upon each other and continue throughout your  journey in Latin America. Choose from Group, 1on1 or remote lessons, available in all 4 RY Latin American cities.

Here's what you need to know:

Vetted teachers

We partner with the same teachers every month. They communicate with each other to make the lessons flow from one city to the next. Our teachers are very familiar with the common desire of Remotes to be able to communicate with locals in RY cities.

Variety of class styles

Our teachers are available for both 1on1 or group classes depending on what works best for your learning style. Find a teacher that works best with your learning style? Feel free to continue learning with them remotely!

Consistent and convenient schedule

Classes are always pre-scheduled before your arrival in the next city. We try to keep the schedule consistent throughout all 4 months, scheduling around other RY events and the traditional daytime workday.

How it Works

No matter what level of Spanish you're at, we've made signing up for Spanish classes through Remote Year is easy and you can begin whatever month you choose while you're in Latin America.

  1. Purchase and sign up via the Remote Year marketplace before you arrive in the city you start classes.
    You'll be able to choose level and time of class that works for you.
  2. Arrive at class with others in your group at the workspace.
    Spanish classes are exclusive to Remote Year participants and are held Monday & Wednesday at the coworking space. If you arrive at class and feel you aren't in the right level don't worry! Your teacher will be able to place you in the level they feel is right for you.
  3. Continue your language groove into your next month.
    We'd hate for you to interrupt your progress just because you're moving cities! Your teacher will pass along your curriculum and notes onto the teacher in your next Latin American city so that you can keep going and don't lose steam.

Spanish classes start at $135 USD for the month depending on the package you choose and how many months of classes you purchase upfront. The final cost of the option you choose will be clear at marketplace check out. Any questions can be directed towards the Remote Year city team or the Spanish teacher who will be available on Remote Year Slack.

Why choose the Spanish Curriculum on Remote Year?

What better way to experience a city than to fully immerse yourself into the language? Participants love the Remote Year Spanish curriculum because they feel it helps them feel more in touch with the culture and also have plenty of places to practice! Whether you practice with other Remotes in your group or with locals in the city, you're sure to become an expert in no time.  

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