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Take your job remote to cowork and travel with community of interesting professionals around the world.

Remote Year x Imgur

Remote Year is a work and travel program that makes it easy to work remotely with your current job and travel the world without having to plan or organize a thing. As part of our partnership with Imgur, we're excited to offer each Imgur employee $1000 off their initial downpayment.

When you join a Remote Year community, you'll travel and bond with a group of interesting professionals from all over, live in a new country for a month at a time, and immerse yourself in the different cultures all without having to quit your job. For a monthly fee, your workspace, accommodations, programming, flights and social and professional events will all be set up for you once you land and when one month is done, you’ll board a flight, arrive and start over again in the next city. 

What's Included?

Travel Booking & Transportation

Remote Year's travel team covers all the logistics and reservations including transportation to your new apartments every month.

24/7 Workspace Access

No need to look for wifi. We partner with workspaces in every city so you can hit the ground running once you land.

Private Room Accommodations

Feel at home in every city with a private room in a fully furnished apartment with fellow Remote Year participants.

Local Experiences™ & Side Trips

Don't waste time researching activities. The Remote Year Marketplace is a one-stop shop with curated and unique local adventures.

Community Initiatives

Each program is committed to participating in the local community through social and professional events and positive impact projects.

Local City Team

We have traveling staff and local city teams to suit all your needs. Whether it's issues with your apartment or finding local spots to eat.

"Once I actually signed up and started living the RY life I realized that there was no way I could have done even half of what I do on RY on my own. The sheer logistics that they sort out for you is unbelievable. You land in a new city every month and within 3 hours you're fully functional."

How to Join a Program

How it Works

Photos by Dan Gold, Remote Year Darien
Schedule a call with a Program Consultant.

Fill out the form below to schedule a call with a Program Consultant. They will help you determine what itinerary is best for you to join.

Pack your suitcase and arrive at your first stop.

Once you officially commit to a program, our Onboarding team will provide you with all the resources you'll need to help you prepare for your journey, including figuring out what to do with your apartment while you're gone and figuring out what to pack. Then, you just need to board that first flight!

Pay the monthly fee and we take care of everything else.

We arrange everything from your workspace and travel logistics to cultural activities in the countries you're visiting so that you can enjoy the experience.