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Remote Year's Response
to COVID-19

Updated March 17, 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Remote Year is working diligently to help each of our participants and staff members currently on our programs stay safe, secure and as comfortable as possible in each Remote Year city. We take the health and safety of all of our customers extremely seriously and, over the past few days, our primary focus has been on providing guidance and support to the members of the Remote Year community. We understand the information we are providing is important for them to notify friends and family back home that are concerned about their wellbeing.

As the situation continues to evolve, we’ll do our best to provide updates in a timely fashion. Here is how we’re handling the pandemic right now regarding our community.

Our Organization

As a travel organization, we look to our partner, International SOS, a global market leader in safety & security services. ISOS has been guiding Remote Year on anything related to safety for over 4 years and has been providing additional guidance to us around the coronavirus. We are also constantly looking to the US State Department, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as sources of relevant and reliable information to inform any of our safety-related decisions.

Remote Year is a distributed company and we have not needed to implement any new “work from home” policies as most of our employees are remote. However, with regard to our local city teams, Program Leaders, and additional staff on the ground with our participants, we have instructed anyone exhibiting any sick or flu-like symptoms to stay home and prioritize their health as well as their communities.

Current Remote Year Participants

Remote Year programs are still operating, however, given the current state of travel and immigration and the latest safety and security advisories, we have halted all international travel between our cities for the next 30 days and communicated the following options to give our active participants the flexibility to find a situation in which they feel most comfortable.

Option A: All active participants in Remote Year cities have the option to remain in the city they are currently in and extend their stay through April. Our local teams will continue to be available for support on the ground.

Option B: If a participant would like to leave their program, Remote Year will waive all associated fees and they will have the option to rejoin at any time with no penalty to their membership, as long as it is deemed safe for them to do so.

Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure that we have contingency plans in place to be ahead of possible situations that may arise. Please note that the approach for each program will vary and may change over time as new information comes in, but every decision will be made under very careful guidance and consideration.

Committed Remote Year Participants

For participants who have committed to a Remote Year program that is planned to depart on or after May 2, 2020, we are monitoring the situation closely and will be in communication with you directly about changes with the status of your program. In the event that we need to postpone or change your program, we will waive the change fee and credit you towards a future Remote Year program so you can still look forward to traveling with us. If you have any further questions, please contact

Future Programs

We are committed to delivering great work and travel experiences to professionals both on our current programs and future ones as well! If you’re interested in Remote Year, we welcome you to schedule a call and commit to one of our programs set to depart August 2020 and onward. Our Program Consultants are available to chat through your options and answer questions you may have. Please keep in mind that while we are unable to tell you how far into the future you should commit to an itinerary, we can assure you that if circumstances change and your program is changed or postponed due to coronavirus, we will waive the change fee and allow you to join a program even further out.

While our heart breaks for all of the communities around the world who are affected by this pandemic, we hope that everyone is taking the additional measures to stay healthy at this time and also doing what’s best for their own local community to keep the situation from getting worse.

Remote Year is confident that amidst these conditions that RY can continue to provide great work and travel experiences while staying on top of the situation until things return to normal. We will be updating this page to communicate any major changes that happen with our company or community.

For additional questions, please contact us here.