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Remote Year and Budgeting

Considering all aspects of budgeting during your Remote Year experience will set you up for success throughout your program.

Despite popular belief, it is possible to travel the world, work remotely, and stay financially sane as long as you plan ahead. Since Remote Year takes care of all the logistics and booking, many participants even feel that it's easier to focus on budget since no time is wasted on planning.

Check out below some tips and reassurances so you can start to plan for your Remote Year journey today.

Look forward to the same fee every month.

The core Remote Year platform is a monthly flat-fee. While there are add-on services available via the Remote Year Marketplace, you can plan ahead for your year knowing your first month will cost the same as every month on program without any hidden fees.

For some remotes, you’ll spend the same but get more.

For around the same cost of rent in a major metropolitan city, you'll get much more than you get at home including an apartment, workspace access, local experiences, a global network of professional connections, door-to-door transportation, and last but not least, the ability to see the world.

Source the Remote Year community for tips.

Everyone on Remote Year has a different financial situation and different spending habits. When you commit to a program, you’ll have access to Remote Nation slack where you can source tips from people already on programs.

"I remember looking at it and thinking 'I could do this for much cheaper on my own.' However, once I actually signed up and started living the RY life I realized that there was no way I could have done even half of what I do on RY on my own. The sheer logistics that they sort out for you is unbelievable. You land in a new city every month and within 3 hours you're fully functional."

Sean Stone, CEO & Founder @ Stone's Goods

How Remote Year compares living in a major city. 

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Leave the planning to us.

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