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Remote Year Citizenship

Remote Year doesn’t have to end when your program is over. Citizenship allows you to continue use Remote Year's platform to see more of the world and meet more of the Nation.

If you continue traveling after your program concludes — it is, after all, a pretty tough lifestyle to give up! — you’ll be entitled to discounts on anything Remote Year offers including workspaces, accommodation, and experiences within select cities. We also offer alumni, who we call RY Citizens, special packages such as discounts on full Remote Year programs, opportunities to drop-in and travel with other RY communities, or chances to be part of the first crew in a pioneer RY city.

Here's what you need to know:

Meet the Extended Remote Year Nation

As a citizen, you'll always have access to one of the most unique aspects of the Remote Year experience—the 2,000+ people who make up our thriving community. Past participants live in all areas of the world and you'll be in the loop of exclusive Remote Year networking and social events such as Dinner Around the World and other meetups posted in slack.

Citizens Only Offerings

You’ll receive exclusive discounts on one off months in RY cities, great deals on round two of Remote Year programs, and citizens only months in new locations - think surf houses in Costa Rica to ski houses in Eastern Europe, Carnival in Rio and summer in the Greek Isles.

Continued Access to the Full RY Platform and Flexibility

Embrace the freedom of deciding exactly what you want from Remote Year, and what pieces of the experience you’re equipped to handle on your own. Maximize your customization with one of the four options below.

To qualify for Remote Year citizen status, you have to have completed a 4-month program or at least four months of a 6-month or 12-month program.

Here are your options for Flexible Access

Full RY Platform

Leave the planning to us. This includes the full RY platform that you’ll know and love - accommodations, workspaces, tracks, community events, staff support - plus 10% off all Local Experiences.

Live + Connect

This is for our work-from-home crew—it includes everything in the Full RY Platform package except workspace access. Plus, 10% off Local Experiences.

Work + Connect

Airbnb addicts unite—grab your own accommodation and use the rest of the perks such as Tracks, community events, and 10% off Local Experiences.


Connect with the RY program in town and participate in the Tracks, community events, and also receive 10% off Local Experiences on the RY Marketplace. Does not include access to workspace.

Workspace Only

Workspace while in town and staff support. Offered at a weekly rate dependant on city and dates.

Keep your job. See the world.
Leave the planning to us.

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