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Destinations by Remote Year

Join Remote Year's latest product offering and visit one of our most top-rated cities at their peak season alongside a community for one month.

What is Destinations?

Destinations by Remote Year is a life changing travel experience for working professionals who want to see the world without putting their life or career on hold. Take your job remote and live in a new inspiring city alongside a community. While on program, you'll shake up your daily routine, enjoy unique cultural experiences and be a part of a growing network of global professionals. Let travel fuel your creativity while we take care of all of the planning and logistics including your workspace, accommodations, programming and more.

Here's What You Should Know

Top Rated Cities & Best Seasonality

Our priority is to make your month an amazing experience, so we’ve only selected the top rated cities and the best seasons for Destinations. Pick a month that works with your schedule and we’ll guarantee that that city will be an amazing place to visit.

A Flexible, Personalized Experience

We are adding an extra level of personalization into the Destinations experience. You’ll be able to choose between different accommodation packages and which local experiences you’d like to join. Have something you want to make sure happens during your month away or a question leading up to your departure, our global staff members are here to support.

A Vibrant Community

Tap into the global network 2500+ of traveling professionals who will make a lasting impact on your personal and professional life forever. Not only will you spend the month with your Destination community on the ground, but you’ll be forever a part of the larger community. By joining a Destination you’ll receive a $500 voucher for a future Destination or Itinerary, Slack access to communicate with the community and special travel promotions not available to the public.

Don’t let work prevent you from the adventure of a lifetime, bring it with you.

We’ve heard that one month is a timeframe almost all employers can get behind, especially given the productive and inspiring environment on Remote Year. Let travel fuel your creativity at work while we take care of all of the planning and logistics including 24/7 access to a workspace, accommodations and all of the exciting experience to connect you to the local culture. 

Who was Destinations created for? 

There have been so many inspiring and amazing professionals who we’ve chatted with the last 5 years since Remote Year started; Many who wanted to join, but they couldn’t do Remote Year Itineraries due to their busy schedules or constraints at home.  They want to see inspiring places, be a part of a community of professionals and experience a work and travel program but they have restrictions that allow them to only go for a month at a time: a dog at home, investors they have to meet, in person clients, children, dogs, etc.  Is this you too? Then Destinations was created for you :)

Is Destinations a good fit for me? 

Only you can make the final decision but our Program Consultants can help you decide which program best fits your goals.  A few questions to ask yourself that have helped some of our Destination participants make the final decision:

  • Do you have a pet/child/significant other or another constraint that stops you from traveling for longer than a month?
  • Is your schedule very busy with work or personal commitments and you are having a hard time finding 4 consecutive months you would be able to travel but you happen to have 1 month free?
  • Are you very happy with your current lifestyle but you are just looking for some inspiration and to build your network?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions Destinations would be a perfect program for you. Our Program Consultants can help 

How does this differ from itinerary programs?

Flexibility & Choice.  Destinations by Remote Year allows you to have an inspirational travel experience without giving up your life at home.  You can select the month from our offerings that works best for you and plan around your prior commitments and life happenings.

Top Rated Cities & Seasonality: Remote Year operates in over 12 cities globally.  We’ve selected the cities that were rated highest by over 2500 customers in the RY Nation and we’re sending you there during the best weather.

How often are destinations launched?

Destinations are launched 6-9 months ahead of their start date.  Availability is limited so it is best to confirm your spot as early as possible. At this moment, all open 2020 Destinations are published.  If you don’t see a Destination that fits your schedule, hop on a call with a Program Consultant to discuss what you are looking for. Sometimes we are able to give a bit more future insight over the phone! 

Do I need a remote job to join? 

This is very different than a vacation, you can expect your fellow community members to be working, which is why we provide 24/7 access to a Remote Year workspace. Remote Year is a work and travel program so we strongly encourage all of our participants to be in professional pursuit while on program. While we most participants  come with their full-time job, freelance work, or business, new ventures or passion projects such as writing a book, starting a business, etc. are also ideal candidates to join.

Can you tell me more about the accommodations? Can I live alone?

Our typical accommodations will be shared living situations (usually 2-3 bedroom apartments) where you will always have a private room to yourself! Bathrooms are never shared with more than 1 person.  Living with your fellow community members is an amazing way to build deeper relationships with your community members.  A member of the Remote Year staff will collect your living preferences to help select the best apartment and roommate for you. If you are interested in living alone, you will have the option to upgrade to a 1 bedroom apartment for an additional fee.  You will receive the option to upgrade during your Onboarding process.

Upcoming Destinations

Our 2020 Destinations include some amazing cities! You could escape to Cape Town, Kyoto, Medellin and Split. Schedule a call to find out about what dates these program start.

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