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Remote Year At Any Stage

People of all ages join Remote Year to discover the world, themselves, and their professional potential.

At Remote Year we believe that you shouldn’t have to decide between building your life or traveling. Whether you’re sending your kids off to college, or developing a new start-up, we’re opening up more opportunities for you to experience the world. The Remote Year community represents people from many backgrounds, ethnicities, industries, and ages. On Remote Year, age is just a number. All you need to join a program is a mental and physical willingness to participate in the experience of a lifetime.

Let's break it down:

By The Numbers

The average age of the Remote Year community is 32 years old, but our community is made up of people of all ages - from 23 to 72. Remote Year is purposefully catered to career-driven adults who are in professional pursuit.

Family First

We know you might want to go home while you’re on program for your family’s big milestones, like college graduations, weddings, or special performances. If you need to purchase additional flights that deviate you from the regularly scheduled itinerary, our Travel Team can help you access the best available options.

It’s not a party, it’s a lifestyle.

There’s plenty of fun to be had while exploring the world; that fun looks different for each individual on a Remote Year program. For some, it’s a night out dancing. For others, it’s a day at the museum. On Remote Year, you have a multitude of options to engage with cultural immersion, positive impact, community bonding, personal development, professional development, and more.

“This year I learned that I am capable of anything I set my mind to and that physically I am also capable of amazing things. I am the oldest Remote in my group and I have been to more countries, more cities, and did more traveling than anyone by far. I did not let my age get in the way of it at all. I also learned that the younger people of today are much smarter, more mature, and well rounded than people of my generation. It was an impressive group of people I had the honor of sharing a year a my life with.”

Richard Silver, Remote Year Meraki

Growth Doesn’t Stop

Becoming an adult doesn’t mean that the learning stops there. People who join Remote Year are often seeking personal or professional growth. We may accumulate academic degrees, job titles, family members, and awards, but a unifying factor in our community is that we never stop expanding our opinions or our worldview. During the program you will have access to a community of skilled professionals who often contribute with knowledge drop webinars, or even an in-person workshop. Many mentorships, collaborations, and businesses have emerged as a result of connecting through Remote Year.  

Community Matters

Connection is something we all need, no matter what stage of life we’re in. The Remote Nation is a community focused on fostering personal and professional growth while becoming more empathetic toward different cultures around the world. Each program embraces the differences within their own cohort. Just as they want to meet and connect with people that live in different cities, they want to form those same bonds with the diverse people who they’re traveling with. We celebrate trying new things with your travel family. Your travel family is there for you when hardships arise. People form relationships on Remote Year that they take with them for years after their program has ended.

Remote Sharan Chawla interviewed his fellow remote Carol Litt on her Remote Year Experience.

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