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About Remote Year Nation Entry

No program, no problem! With Nation Entry we allow you to take a step towards joining a Remote Year program even if you don’t see an itinerary or departure date that works for you.

Life happens. You may have to sell your house, land some new clients or save up some extra dinero. Whatever it may be - we get it! However, we also believe those things shouldn’t stand in your way of getting involved in the epic RY community and making the first step towards your dream of traveling on a Remote Year program a reality. By joining the RY community as a Nation Entry Remote, you’ll have access to unreleased itineraries and a variety of resources to help you feel fully ready to commit to a specific launch date.

Here are 3 things to know:

Access to Exclusive RY Resources

From remote working best practices and how-to guides to our RY only community job board and external remote job boards, you’ll have access to a variety of resources to help you feel professionally prepared to work and travel for an extended time.

Take your Time

You can choose any available itinerary launching in the next 365 days, giving you ample time to get your ducks in a row before jetting off. Even better, you’ll have priority access to new itineraries meaning you won’t miss out on your ideal program.

Save up and save now

With flexibility of Nation Entry, you’ll be able to build RY into a successful savings plan instead of working your finances around a program's start date. Pair this with some pretty sweet discounts and you are setting yourself up for an epic adventure.

Remote Year specifically recommends this option for people who know you 100% want to do Remote Year but haven't found the right itinerary for you.

How Nation Entry Benefits You

As a Nation Entry Remote, you’ll have access to a plethora of resources provided as a part of the Remote Year platform.

Dedicated Support

You’ll work one-on-one with one of our Onboarding specialists who will provide you the guidance and assistance you need while your plans are being finalized, instead of after. During this time, you’ll have support to help you finalize the best itinerary for you and transition into life on Remote Year successfully. Our team is equipped with resources from sorting pre-program logistics to renting out your apartment.

Support in Reaching your Professional Goals

(Option 1 ) Whether you are a free-lancer, entrepreneur, full-time employee, or creative, Nation Entry gives you time to reach professional goals before you depart. Grow your client base and book projects for your time on the road, set your business and employees at home up for success, or snag that promotion before you leave. You’ll also have access to an RY only job board  full of remote job resources, how-to-guides, and job engines for those on the hunt for a new location-independent role to bring on your RY journey.

(Option 2) While we are not a job provider, we are happy to share how and where other members of the Remote Nation have found success. You’ll have access to a curated compilation of remote job boards, best practices, freelancer hubs and more. We can’t guarantee you’ll find a job but we do provide the framework you need to get a jump start on your job or client search.

Time is on Your Side

You’ll have the time to plan your adventure around your life commitments and start when it is most ideal for you; you have up to a year to choose an itinerary that works for you. Realize you can jet off sooner than you thought? No problem, Nation Entry participants can move up their initial start date and begin their adventure sooner if needed.

Save Money Upfront

As a travel company, we save money the sooner we know how many people are aiming to travel on our upcoming programs. Even better, we pass those savings along to you! With Nation Entry, you can save more money up front by committing to the Nation sooner, but you don't have to make the rest of the payments until you nail down your itinerary.