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The Remote Year Marketplace

Your one stop shop for Tracks, Local Experiences, Positive Impact, Community Events, Side Trips, and more

Flights? Check! Apartment? Check! Workspace? Check! Now what are you going to do in all  your free time? Don’t fret - with the Remote Year Marketplace you can book a variety of local experiences that have been specially curated by our local City Teams. From Japanese dessert making classes in Kyoto to hot air ballooning over Mayan ruins in Mexico City our team has crafted unique, pinch yourself this is real experiences.

Here's what you need to know:

RY Exclusive

Many of the events offered on the marketplace are exclusive to Remote Year. RY City Teams use their extensive local connections to craft events that you wouldn’t be able to do as a normal tourist.

Affordable Experiences

Each city offers a wide range of experiences to choose from so no matter your budget you’ll always find something that works for your wallet.


While many of the events are local, you’ll also find some amazing side trips to surrounding areas or countries and be able to opt into epic flight diversions.

Customize your entire Remote Year program right from your computer and make your experience your own.

When you join a Remote Year program, you'll get your marketplace login and get access to an entire library of experiences and perks set up by Remote Year.

Local Experiences

From food tours within the city to day trips to surrounding areas, our city teams help you discover the best parts of their city. You can expect to see local tapas tours in hidden neighborhoods led by our Valencia team, a night market adventure with our Chiang Mai team and a whole day exploring the countryside with the coolest family in all of Medellin. 

Side Trips

With four to five weeks in each city on your itinerary, you’ll have ample time for a side trip to explore more of the country or see somewhere entirely new. You’ll be able to spend a  weekend in the Azores, catch a glimpse of the Big 5 on safari in South Africa, learn to dive in Thailand or visit the unspoiled wilderness of Patagonia. 

Flight Diversions

There’s a whole world out there - that’s why we’ve created some epic flight diversions to take advantage of. Instead of a few hours in an airport our Travel Team organizes some  great deals for longer layovers in bucket list destinations. Think a few days exploring Sydney or going off the grid in the Bolivian salt flats. 

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