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About Remote Year

Remote Year is a company that provides a platform for professionals who want to live and work in different cities around the world without having to compromise their professional pursuits. The company was founded in 2015 by Greg Caplan and Sam Pessin and since then over 2,000 professionals have participated on one of our work and travel programs.

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What We Do

We currently run 5 different kinds of work and travel programs across 5 continents. In joining one of our programs, you’ll travel to a new city each month on a set itinerary with a group of fellow professionals from various industries and nationalities. At and between each stop on your itinerary, our team will book all of your flights, accommodations, 24/7 workspace access, unique cultural experiences, plan events and much more for a monthly fee.

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Whether you are already working remotely or the majority of your job can be done from a laptop with a wifi connection - you are in a good spot to consider joining a Remote Year program.

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Common Misconceptions

Remote Year does not provide our participants with jobs for the program. Each participant is required to have their own professional plans worked out when joining a program in order for them to afford to stay on the program. However, if you don’t currently work remotely, we can help talk to your manager to transition your role.

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Remote Year is not a visa agency. While Remote Year supports helping participants in a lot of their transition into working remotely and traveling, we cannot help participants obtain visas to any country on your itinerary. It is completely up to the participant to know what visas will be necessary for them to have for the duration of their program.

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