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Program Types & Details

At this time, Remote Year offers five different work and travel programs at three different itinerary lengths: 4-months, 6-months and 12-months long. All programs spend one month in each city on their itinerary.

  • 4 Month Programs
    We have three 4-month programs in which your itinerary and program will only focus on one of our regions: Europe & Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America
  • 6 Month Programs
    On this experience you’ll travel throughout three completely different continents and various cultures through Europe, Africa and Latin America. ➡️Learn More
  • 12 Month Programs
    Our original program-type is our year-long program and is a transformative experience in which you’ll visit all of the regions in one life-changing year. ➡️Learn More

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All of our programs have the same service offering, so participants usually join a program based on their personal preference of itinerary locations, length, and departure date. While each Remote Year program has its own vibe and unique community, what’s included in our service remains consistent.

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