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Safety & Support

At Remote Year, the safety of our participants is our #1 priority and concern and we will act immediately to make sure no one's safety is ever at risk. We want participants on our programs to always feel comfortable throughout their Remote Year experience, so here are the ways in which we ensure that all of our remotes feel safe and supported while traveling on one of our work and travel programs.

  • Traveling Program Leader
    Every Remote Year program will have a dedicated full-time Remote Year staff member, aka a program leader, with them for the entire duration of the program including on flights between destinations. ➡️ Learn More about Program Leaders
  • City Previews & Local City Teams
    We have a local operations team in each city where we travel that are there to not only ensure our operations in a city run smooth, but support our participants if any issues or emergencies arise. ➡️Learn More about City Teams
  • Community Support
    All participants are required to sign Remote Year's Code of Conduct prior to starting their program. This agreement is so that each member of our community is expected to treat others with the utmost respect and support each other throughout the program. ➡️Learn More about our Code of Conduct
  • International SOS
    As a participant you will be covered under ISOS, the leader in global safety and security, to and provide assistance services to Remote Year in case of emergency.

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