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How to Join a Program

The Program Placement Process Step-by-Step

Assuming you’ve checked out Our Programs and Itinerary Departures and know more about what Remote Year experience you’re interested in, the steps to join a Remote Year program are simple.

  1. Schedule a call with a Program Consultant
    Get started here and answer a few questions about yourself. Then choose a time that works for you for a quick phone call. This first call will only last about 15 minutes and is meant to answer any questions you may have about Remote Year and also learn more about you to ensure that a Remote Year program is right for you or even possible with your current employment situation.
  2. Learn About Your Options
    After your initial call, your Program Consultant will be available to answer any questions you have, share more detailed information about our programs, and do their best to guide you towards the best program for you based on your travel preferences and timeline.
  3. Commit to a Program (Submit your Down Payment)
    Once you’ve worked with your Program Consultant and decided Remote Year is right for you, it’s time to submit your down payment to officially secure your spot on a program. When you make this first payment, it shows us your serious commitment to a program and affords us the confidence to begin booking all of your arrangements on your behalf.

    Important: If you don’t currently work remotely and need support.
    If your current job is not remote and you need to get official permission to participate, your Program Consultant can connect you to our Enterprise Solutions team. This specialized team will work with you one-on-one to help you pitch Remote Year to your employer so they feel confident in your ability to thrive both personally and professionally while traveling. They are pros at overcoming all of the concerns managers or HR may haven when it comes to working and traveling.  Learn More→

Last Step is to prepare for your journey with our Onboarding Team

At this point all you need to do is prepare for your journey! We’ll put you in touch with our onboarding team who can help answer all your questions give you access to our library of resources where you can find information on what to do about your apartment, packing, where to learn about vaccinations, etc. and also give you access to our network of participants for recommendations.

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