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Meet Katelyn Smith

Katelyn Smith is a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant from the Canada traveling the world on Remote Year 1

What are you working on for the year?

I am working on my travel blog, which aims to inspire others to travel. It also explores the digital nomad lifestyle, where I share with people how they can work and travel the world.

I am also working as an inbound marketing consultant for two primary clients, Growth Labs and Grandma's Jars. Growth Labs is a full service inbound marketing agency and Grandma's Jars is a financial program that teaches you how to properly manage your money, providing tools and support to help you succeed.

Why did you decide to come on Remote Year?

I was and still am a passionate traveler. You can learn any concept in school but the best teacher for life is travel. It's not just about sitting on a beach and vacationing, it's about growing as a person and learning about the world around you. Before Remote Year, my life consisted of a cubicle, the hours of 9-5 and 10 vacation days. To me that seemed unnatural. The idea that society accepts this as normal blew my mind and I knew I needed to make a change. In short, Remote Year was (and still is) my dream come true because it allows me to work while traveling the world.

How did you find yourself in a remote role?

I didn't know that companies hired remotely until I came across Remote Year. My success in finding a role where I could work remotely was due to the network opportunities Remote Year and the Remote Year participants provided. It was then that I found success as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Describe your perfect day

My perfect day would start as the sun has just come up. (This is a sunny, perfect summer day ps). It would include a run, meditating and reading a bit of a book. Then I would head to the beach. This would include any fun outdoor activities like kayaking, tubing, waterskiing or going on a boat ride. Then I'd have a bbq with my family, sipping on some drinks, listening to my parents classic rock music and playing outside with my nephews. Into the evening we'd have a bon fire then head inside to play board games or darts. Then we'd spend the evening chatting and laughing around the table, snacking on some delicious food courtesy of mom. AND if this perfect day was a winter day, it would involve snowboarding all day.

Any advice or tips for others looking to bring travel into their lives?

Please, just do it. Stop making excuses. If you want something bad enough and it's a priority to you, you can make it happen. I prioritize travel and experiences over owning things which is why I've been lucky to see so much of the world. To bring travel into your life at a more affordable price, I suggest Skyscanner and Hopper. I also suggest connecting and networking with digital nomads. They provide a supportive community, with great insights into how you can succeed in working and traveling the world. Even by following them online, you can learn insights into how they are making their lifestyle possible.

What book should everyone read?

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Please read this book, it's amazing! It's a self-help book about living a better life - mentally. It's about a lawyer who literally almost works himself to death and takes a spiritual path in the Himalayan mountains. It's there that he receives wise and practical lessons for a better life. He shares these lessons in way that you can actually implement into your daily life.

What is one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t currently?

Life skills. 1) That money doesn't define success. Happiness and being a good person does. 2) How to manage money and finances properly. This is essential and critical in life, yet schools don't even teach how to balance a budget. 3) The importance of community and thinking as a whole instead of every man for themselves. 4) Healthy lifestyle and living - not just physically but mentally as well. Think meditation, techniques to reduce stress etc