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About Remote Year Citizenship

Remotes who have completed at least four months on a Remote Year program become a Remote Year Citizen (alumni). This means you can stay connected to the Remote Nation in all the ways that feel familiar, but also enjoy the flexibility of weaving Citizenship into your post-Remote Year lifestyle, whether you are still traveling long-term or looking for shorter commitments.

Aside from continued interaction with the Remote Year community, here are just a few of the perks you can take advantage of as a Citizen:

  • Exclusive discounts
    Get first dibs on extra Remote Year rooms that become available last-minute or region-specific promotions.
  • Family & Friends
    Extend your Citizen benefits to family and friends! They're welcome to come along with you on your adventures to Remote Year cities, paying the same amount as you whatever package best suits the crew.
  • Citizen Houses
    Get the exclusive chance to connect with citizens from other groups in citizen only destinations, all planned by Remote Year.
  • Flexible Remote Year Service Packages
    A more customized Remote Year experience where you can pick and choose the city, as well as what part of the platform you want to take advantage of.

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