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Preparing for a Program

Onboarding Team
We understand that preparing to embark on the adventure of a lifetime can be overwhelming. That's why after you officially commit to a Remote Year itinerary, our dedicated Onboarding Team will be there to support you and give you complete access to a plethora of resources which have helped over a thousand people just like you prepare for their RY journey. All of our onboarding staff members have led full year programs in the past so they’ve been there, done that and have got you covered so from the trivial to the trying, our team will help you feel confident and prepared as you take off to stop number one. You can learn more about how remotes prepare to travel here.

Visas and Vaccinations
Remote Year can not legally give out visa or medical advice. Once you officially join a Remote Year program, our Onboarding Team can connect you to knowledgeable providers who can help you figure out your unique situation.

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