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Remote Year Travel

Remote Year programs provides door-to-door transportation between each stop on your itinerary, including airport transportation to and from your apartment, as long as you travel with the group as planned. Since participants are working while traveling, the Travel Team plans the itinerary in a way that doesn’t interfere with most work hours, and guarantee group travel falls between Friday evening and Monday morning local time.

Remote Year is a group travel experience. As such, we plan travel for groups of individuals rather than one individual. We do, however, understand that life happens and circumstances may alter your travel plans. We created Transition Options to add some flexibility into our group travel experience. With notice, Remotes are able to select from a set of options including flights to new destinations in between Remote Year cities or opt out of the group travel and receive a credit for their flight.  We have also partnered with a concierge service who can assist Remotes with any individual flights at now additional charge, even if they aren’t related to Remote Year.

Traveling as a big group sometimes takes longer, but many remotes have said it is also a lot more fun! Past groups have coordinated Travel Day outfits, group lounge access, and have found that it's a fun time to recap their adventures from the past month. Our dedicated travel team is always available for any questions related to your flight, baggage, meals or seats and will be just an email away, every step of the way!

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